AudioDefine Records is a thriving independent record label nestled in the heart of Australia, fervently committed to delivering exceptional audio recordings that are characterised by their pristine quality and an unwavering dedication to preserving the dynamic range. Our commitment extends to ensuring our catalog is accessible in a plethora of formats, including the immaculate Direct Stream Digital (DSD), meticulously transferred straight from the analog masters.

Whether you’re delving into the electrifying realms of rock, the relentless energy of metal, the timeless elegance of classical compositions, or even the most avant-garde soundscapes of experimental noise, we embrace and celebrate all genres of music with open arms.

For those inclined toward the more melodious and electronic soundscapes, our sublabel, Same Great Sound, specialises in curating and presenting releases from pop, synth, and electronic maestros. Their expertise and passion are geared towards crafting extraordinary sonic experiences that resonate with modern sensibilities.

To immerse yourself in our world of exceptional music, you can easily download or stream our releases via the official AudioDefine Bandcamp store. And for those seeking the pinnacle of audio quality, don’t miss out on exploring our exclusive Direct Stream Digital (DSD) releases, available for your listening pleasure at NativeDSD.

Visit the AudioDefine and Same Great Sound Gumroad site here.

Situated in the stunning Gold Coast hinterland, the mastering, publishing offices, and studio of AudioDefine Records are powered primarily by the Australian sun. Our facilities make use of 21 solar panels, capable of harvesting up to 10kW of solar energy.

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